The Feria Urbanism team participate in urbanism study tours so we can keep learning from other places. This is vital to keep our own work fresh and inspired. We also organise and run urbanism tours for students and those wishing to learn more about what makes a good place.

Antonia has recently taken part in the Young Urbanist's cycling tour of Copenhagen. The Danish capital was rated as the world’s most liveable city in 2013. Cycling is inherent to this quality of life. Denmark’s achievements in cycling are impressive; its cycling mode share is exceeded only by that of the Netherlands.


Danish cycle infrastructure is known worldwide for being exemplary; it has influenced urban transport planning around the world, including some of the newest and best cycle facilities in London. This was an opportunity for our team to experience, first-hand, the quality of life that comes from bicycle-centric transport. She also experienced numerous examples of world-leading urban planning and architecture, the likes of which have rightly put Copenhagen on the design map.


Richard has led study trips to Lisbon and Barcelona for the MArch students at Arts University Bournemouth. While in Lisbon, students examined new cycle infrastructure, waterfront regeneration and various exhibitions as part of the “Close, Closer" Lisbon Architecture Triennale. The impact of the euro-zone crisis on the city's urban development was also a topic for debate during the week. In Barcelona, students explored the city through a series of meetings with some of those considered key actors involved in its making. These encounters took different forms: conversations, interviews, lectures, presentations, films and walks.

Urbanism Study Tours


Photos from various study trips with the Academy of Urbanism and with Arts University Bournemouth