Date: 27th June 2019

Yes Vote: 82%

Turnout: 26%


Feria Urbanism assisted Ticehurst Parish Council in the preparation of a neighbourhood plan, from inception right through to successful referendum.

We helped the steering group to prepare a neighbourhood plan on behalf of those who live and work in Ticehurst. The plan sets out a future vision of the parish and its three distinct settlements of Ticehurst village, Stonegate and Flimwell. The vision is to have friendly, safe, and attractive communities which will flourish within the beautiful setting of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


The plan has four aims: To maintain and enhance the rural character of the parish; to support and extend employment opportunities within the parish; to provide high-quality housing for all residents; and to improve the infrastructure and amenities within the parish.


Based on these aims, the plan sets out objectives, and then policies which will help to meet the objectives. The plan was subject to independant examination in early 2019 and the examiner's report concluded:


“I must congratulate Ticehurst Parish Council for preparing a locally distinct

neighbourhood plan, which seeks to deliver on the expressed priorities of the

residents of parish of Ticehurst. The plan will provide a sound basis for dealing

with planning applications in the parish in the next few years”


The Feria Urbanism team is involved in other neighbourhood plans in a series of towns and villages including Hawkhurst, Lewes, Paddock Wood, Loose, Staplehurst and Faversham. The team has also worked with a neighbourhood forum on the edge of Bristol city centre and a neighbourhood plan group in the heart of Southampton city centre. If you wish to know more about these other neighbourhood plan projects, please get in touch.

Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan

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Photos from various village consultation events and site visits