We have prepared a neighbourhood plan for Staplehurst Parish Council. The process involved extended consultation with the local community in the parish and some significant design testing to explore how the village could assimilate new development.

In August 2016 the plan passed examination. In his conclusions, the examiner stated that, “… it is evident that a considerable amount of time and effort has been committed to the development and production of this plan and I commend all those who have been involved. It should prove to be a useful tool for future planning and change in Staplehurst over the coming years". In November 2016, the plan passed referendum.


Back in October 2013, we ran a very successful three day design forum with local residents and businesses. During the 72 hours, our team developed new ideas for traffic management, for the location of new community facilities and for successful integration between the existing built areas of the parish and areas of possible areas of new development.


In 2014, the work was refined further, and a full draft of the plan was published for pre-submission consultation. Further revisions and refinements followed, and the plan was submitted to Maidstone Borough Council in summer 2015.


The Feria Urbanism team is involved in other neighbourhood plans in a series of towns and villages including Hawkhurst, Lewes, Ticehurst, Paddock Wood, Staplehurst and Faversham. The team has also worked with a neighbourhood forum on the edge of Bristol city centre and a neighbourhood plan group in the heart of Southampton city centre. If you wish to know more about these other neighbourhood plan projects, please get in touch.

Staplehurst Neighbourhood Plan




Date: 3rd November 2016

Yes Vote: 93%

Turnout: 34%


Photos from various village consultation events