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Feria Urbanism has completed a fascinating research and engagement project examining how agencies, businesses and other organisations in Bournemouth can gain from better addressing all five senses.

The origins of this project can be found in the National Coastal Tourism Academy (NCTA) innovation programme. This programme is designed to develop innovative thinking in Bournemouth with the aim of creating new products, services or processes in the visitor economy.


The innovation programme wanted to pilot a practical, measurable and sustainable framework for innovation and with this in mind “Sensual Bournemouth” was one of the suggestions to be turned into a project. The resulting workshop was designed and facilitated by the team from Feria Urbanism to help test ideas and to see what could come next in terms of practical application. The workshop was attended by over 30 participants and explored different sensory techniques, using both international examples and hands-on tasks.


The Feria Urbanism team has produced other urban strategy reports for Bournemouth, Hemel Hempstead, Weymouth, Halesworth, Liverpool, Bexleyheath and Preston. If you wish to know more about these other urban strategy projects, please get in touch.

Sensual Bournemouth