We have been appointed by the Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID) to produce an innovative study into the experience of Nottingham city centre in the evenings and at night time.

The purpose of the study is to create a shared vision for the city centre after dark. This will be supported by a series of action points that together will help to positively shape and influence the experience of using the city centre in the evenings and at night time over future years.


The process of developing the shared vision will involve a series of carefully-designed and well-structured events that will engage a variety of stakeholders that all have an interest in the success of the city centre after dark.

This process of engagement will develop a shared set of ideas and interventions that will be tested and used to inform the action points.


The outcomes of the study will include clear and engaging graphics, maps, diagrams and animations that help to explain to a wider audience how the city centre functions and performs, both now and into the future.


The final results of this after dark study for Nottingham will coordinate with other initiatives already in place to guide the development of the city centre. We expect that this work will help support these other initiatives meet their own identified aims and objectives.

Nottingham After Dark


Watch the after dark city centre animated maps below