25.01.19  Feria Urbanism has been appointed by Eastleigh Borough Council to develop a community engagement and design strategy for 5,300 new homes north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak in Hampshire. This development represents the preferred strategic growth option in the submitted local plan, scheduled for examination later in 2019.

05.02.19  The Lewes Neighbourhood Plan has been assessed by an independent examiner (Mr Andrew Ashcroft) and his report accepted by the South Downs National Park Authority. The plan will be subject to a local referendum on Thursday 7th March 2019. The examiner commended the plan for its quality, innovation, and distinctive approach in several areas. The National Park committee was very complimentary about the particularly “Lewesian” character of the plan and commended all the hard work and careful thought that has gone into it.





12.11.18  We welcome Henrike Johannsen to the team, a RIBA Part I architecture graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth. Since joining Feria Urbanism, Henrike has been part of the Dorchester Town Centre Master Plan team, where she was involved in the running of the public consultation event and the evaluation of the results. She has also been a key part of the Bournemouth Town Centre Vision project and the Lansdowne Public Realm work. A busy start!


17.11.18  We have run a successful three days of public consultation and engagement in Dorchester as part of the town centre master plan project. A local press report can be found here.


03.10.18  We say goodbye to Antonia Morgan who has left Feria Urbanism  after nearly six years with the team. Antonia has been a key team member in many of our projects across the country and the practice has grown successfully because of her contributions. We all wish her every success in her future career…. good luck Toni!


13.06.18  Working with Southampton-based urban design practice Boyle + Summers, Bournemouth Borough Council have commissioned us to prepare a new vison for Bournemouth town centre. This vision will set out the future role and function for the town centre over the next 5, 10 and 15 years and beyond. This is an exciting project and a privilege to be working in our home town.  The work is now well underway with the first workshop event taking place in the first week of June 2018.


29.03.18  West Dorset District Council have appointed Feria Urbanism to prepare a master plan for Dorchester town centre. This will draw together a cohesive strategy that will maximise the potential of the town’s cultural assets, develop the health of the traditional high street and address issues affecting the public realm and pedestrian links. This vision for the future will be bespoke to Dorchester and inform potential changes to local plan policy.


02.11.17  We have worked with the Bramshott & Liphook Neighbourhood Plan group. Working over two intensive days, we engaged with a wide variety of community groups, landowners and house builders to reconcile a range of different demands and ideas.


27.09.17  We have worked with the Puddletown Neighbourhood Plan group to develop a draft framework plan for the future. Working over three intensive days, we engaged with a wide variety of community groups, landowners and house builders to reconcile a range of different demands and ideas.


27.07.17  We have produced an innovative infographic wallchart for the Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Neighbourhood Plan group, setting out the policy framework and action points that now need to be progressed.


11.05.17  Richard, Anna and Antonia have run a successful three day design forum for Cranbrook & Sissinghurst parish. Working with different interest groups and individuals over three consecutive days, we made good progress on developing planning policies and designing new development proposals for several key sites.


29.03.17  Richard, Anna and Antonia have run a successful community design workshop in Puddletown, Dorset. This event was part of a wider project to develop a neighbourhood plan for the parish. Other aspects of our involvement include a village character assessment and an emerging architectural design guide.


27.01.17  We have been appointed to produce an innovative study into the experience of Nottingham city centre in the evenings and at night time. The purpose of the study is to create a shared vision for the city centre after dark. This will be supported by a series of action points that together will help to positively shape and influence the experience of using the city centre in the evenings and at night time over future years.


05.01.17  We have been appointed to work with Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Parish Council on their neighbourhood plan. The steering group there has been established to create a neighbourhood plan that explores, develops and meets the aspirations of residents and businesses. Cllr. Nancy Warne said “This is a fantastic opportunity for residents and businesses in Cranbrook & Sissinghurst to really have a say about making a difference in the future to shaping the community in which we all live.”


03.11.16  We are delighted that the Staplehurst Neighbourhood Plan was supported at referendum with 1486 votes (92.56%) YES votes with only 118 (7.44%) NO votes. This was on a 33.7% turnout. The examiner said that it was "... evident that a considerable amount of time and effort has been committed to the development and production of this plan and I commend all those who have been involved. It should prove to be a useful tool for future planning and change in Staplehurst over the coming years".


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28.11.18  Our team has run a successful public engagement event on behalf of the Lansdowne public realm programme team within Bournemouth Borough Council. The event examined the relationship between the architects in the area and the streets and spaces, as well as the types of activities that stakeholders would want to see animate public space in future.

Antonia-Cut-Out 191_P_181128_Workshop (3) sq 191_P_181128_Workshop (12) sq

18.12.18 The Bournemouth Town Centre Vision report has been launched for public consultation. This was a successful collaboration between Feria Urbanism and Boyle + Summers.

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