Feria Urbanism has been appointed by Eastleigh Borough Council to be part of its dedicated team, assembled to design, and deliver the One Horton Heath housing initiative.

Horton Heath is a village in Hampshire and the adjacent greenfield development will double its size. Eastleigh Borough Council has set up a “Development Forum” to allow local community representatives to engage with the process. The Feria Urbanism team has been tasked with reinvigorating the forum and designing and leading a fresh engagement.


As outsiders to the process, and with no baggage, we were able to bring a fresh perspective. We have established a series of time-efficient workshops (no more than 90 mins max.) to be held at least once a month in the evening. Each event has a focus and a specific outcome that is fed into the design process. To make it clear that we are listening, at the start of each workshop, we present back the results from the previous event and show how it will influence the design process.


We have had a positive client team reaction to this process: “... we are light years forward from where we have come from” was the message from one local authority officer.


The Feria Urbanism team has worked on similar large housing strategies in Dorchester, Hassocks in West Sussex and in Whitehill Bordon, Hampshire. If you wish to know more about these other projects, please get in touch.

One Horton Heath Housing Project


Photos from the various Development Forum events