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Henrike Johannsen

BA (Hons) Architecture

Henrike is a RIBA Part I architecture graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth. Her main interest lies in the creation of practical and enjoyable spaces for human habitation.

Her work and ideas are influenced by ways in which people can engage with one another in the places where they live. Henrike can undertake extensive studies of the site and surrounding context to be able to develop the most appropriate design response.


Since joining Feria Urbanism, Henrike has been part of the Dorchester Town Centre Master Plan team, where she was involved in the running of the public consultation event and the evaluation of the results. She has also been a key part of the Bournemouth Town Centre Vision project and the Lansdowne Public Realm work. This included exploring the project area, researching case studies and processing the consultation results following engagement with local stakeholders.


Henrike has also been a key a part of our team in South of Ashford, Kent where she has undertaken a design review of the strategic growth framework. This work is helping coordinate three separate development proposals into a cohesive master plan for over 3,000 new homes.

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