West Dorset District Council has appointed our team to prepare a master plan for Dorchester town centre.

We have been tasked with preparing a cohesive strategy of issues such as maximising the potential of the town’s cultural assets; developing the health of the traditional high street; the future of the charter market; transport and parking; and public realm and pedestrian links.


The plan will include a strategy for heritage, culture, and tourism. The vision will advise on maintaining the vibrancy of the retail centre and how the town will look and feel over time, notably the public realm and wayfinding methods. Consultation and engagement with a range of stakeholders will be an essential part of the development of the masterplan, particularly to guide decisions based on the recommendations of previous studies and refine the options.


The output of the project will be a concise document bespoke to Dorchester, which will be used to inform potential changes to local plan policy. Much of it will be expressed visually, through maps and drawings. Our team will draw upon our experience of urban strategies developed for Bournemouth, Hemel Hempstead, Weymouth, Halesworth, Liverpool, Bexleyheath, and Preston. If you wish to know more about these other urban strategy projects, please get in touch.


Dorchester Town Centre

Master Plan