We have developed course content and delivered training events and study tours to town planners, urban designers, elected members and highway engineers from several local authorities.

Our most recent design training project used the PLACE concept, as embedded in the heart of the Farrell Review recommendations, to provide a high quality design training programme to officers and members from both Eastleigh and Winchester councils.


Previous training events we have developed explained the principles and practice of urban design and provided a greater understanding of the "Manual for Streets" approach to street design. We have also run a training course on design codes that explored the various ways in which high quality design can be delivered in villages, towns and cities.


We have also designed and run a series of seminars and workshops to promote the benefits of design review. This programme was explained to local authority officers and elected members how and why design review can deliver significant improvements to a range of projects.


The Feria Urbanism team has worked on other design training and education projects in Cambridge, Luton, Hampshire and Dorset, including with children and young people. If you wish to know more about these other design training and education projects, please get in touch.

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