Feria Urbanism was appointed to assist a neighbourhood forum group in Bristol develop ideas for a neighbourhood plan. The focus was on public realm changes in the heart of the residential community and on better countryside access at the edges.

The Knowle West area of Bristol lies on higher ground about 3 kms to the south of Bristol city centre. In the centre is Melvin Square, a small civic space adjacent to the Connaught Primary School. We created a series of innovative ideas to revitalise Melvin Square, including branding and identity and street furniture concepts. We worked with school children from the nearby school as part of this process.


On the edges of Knowle West are the open spaces of Glyn Vale Open Space, part of the Northern Slopes, Filwood Playing Fields and Filwood Park and Inns Court with areas of grassland, scrub and broad-leaved woodland in between. We developed a strategy to better connect these green areas to give increased recreational access by the wider community.


The Feria Urbanism team is involved in other neighbourhood plans in a series of towns and villages including Hawkhurst, Lewes, Ticehurst, Paddock Wood, Staplehurst, Loose and Faversham. The team has also worked with a neighbourhood plan group in the heart of Southampton city centre. If you wish to know more about these other neighbourhood plan projects, please get in touch.

Knowle West Neighbourhood Plan