Feria Urbanism and Boyle + Summers have been working with Bournemouth Borough Council to refresh the Bournemouth Town Centre Vision.

We organised and ran two interactive workshop events in summer 2018 and have since been busy pulling together the variety of comments received. This has led to the preparation of a draft vision document, setting out key values and principles.


The draft document is based on new stakeholder opinions, reflecting the economic, social and environmental changes to the town centre ten years on from the original vision. The work will act as a springboard and catalyst for further projects, including for investment in and promotion of the town centre. It will also form part of the up-to-date evidence base to inform emerging changes to planning policy.


Our team has experience of other urban strategies that we have developed for Hemel Hempstead, Weymouth, Halesworth, Liverpool, Bexleyheath, and Preston. If you wish to know more about these other urban strategy projects, please get in touch.


Bournemouth Vision