Feria Urbanism has completed two fascinating research projects that have successfully informed the design and planning of Bournemouth town centre after dark.

In 2012, our team undertook a significant study into the performance of Bournemouth town centre after dark. This involved a substantial amount of stakeholder engagement and explored a variety of scenarios for change. It addressed a wide range of topics including land use planning, urban design interventions, street lighting and the temporary and permanent animation of public spaces. Many of the recommendations have since been implemented.


In 2015, we completed a more detailed research project. Our latest work has built an accurate record of activity levels after dark and provides a greater understanding of the town centre offer. This project includes the production of innovative infographics to represent complex data sets and an animated map of the town centre, bringing to life the levels of activity experienced over a 13 hour cycle. The results are already being used by the strategic partnerships within Bournemouth to better market, brand and promote the town centre experience.


The Feria Urbanism team has produced other urban strategy reports for Hemel Hempstead, Weymouth, Halesworth, Liverpool, Bexleyheath and Preston. If you wish to know more about these other urban strategy projects, please get in touch.

Bournemouth By Night